10 Women Who Love the World Cup Too!

The World Cup players may all be men but it’s hard not to notice these female fans.

Events that galvanize the entire planet like the Olympics and the World Cup are too far and few between, and they are really beautiful when they happen. While we’re smack in the middle of the Men’s World Cup we noticed that many of the superfans are women. In a sea of men cheering for the games these women stood out! Here are some of the fierce, beautiful fans of the World Cup!

A Brazil fan rejoices over the match with Chile.


A Chile fan shows her colors.






This fan at the Ghana v. Portugal game wins the day!



More face paint for Portugal v. Ghana.



That’s a joyous fan of South Korea!



A happy ‘We’re moving on’ hug after the game against Germany.



 A smiling Belgium fan during the game against South Korea.



German fans staying dry during the Germany/USA game.


 Soccer makes this fan smile wide during the France v. Equador game.


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