This Smartphone Case Will Apparently Save Your Sperm From Radiation Damage.

Men: if you carry your phone in your trouser pocket but you’re concerned about the state of your sperm, this phone case could be the most important purchase you ever make.

The genuine leather housing of this phone case from WaveWall has a special lining that can allegedly block electromagnetic radiation, protecting your little swimmers from damage – although there’s little to no evidence of there being any problem in the first place.

According to the WaveWall team, using the WaveWall “safeguards your reproductive health by reducing the mobile phone radiation your testicles absorb by more than 85%” as long as you put the case the right way around “with the flat side against your leg and the tab side facing outwards.”

Otherwise, you apparently just have a nice-looking phone case and millions of radiation-affected sperm.

The WaveWall also works like any other protective case, protecting your mobile from scratches and bumps.

Before you rush off to buy an extra-large WaveWall, there is still no hard evidence that radiation from phones, televisions or any other electrical technology can worsen your health.

By Morenike Adebayo for IFL

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