What It’s Like To Be Cockblocked By Your Own Vagina.

All photos courtesy of the author My high school boyfriend David* and I tried absolutely everything. Lube, red wine, scented candles, pot, Portishead’s Glory Box on repeat, breathing exercises, clitoral stimulation, vicodin, staring into each other’s eyes and repeating, “I love you, it’s OK.” None of it worked. I had a healthy teenage libido, meaning […]

Talking About What You Want In Bed Makes Sex More, Not Less, Pleasurable.

When people started talking about an Elle.com piece on consent this week, I cringed—not just because I was offended by the author’s poetically alarmist screed against using the word “rape” in situations where consent does not clearly exist, but because if I had read this piece five years ago, I likely would have agreed with […]